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One World Welfare Organization is looking for donors and sponsors for our next big project: a High School and hostel for both girls and boys and training centre for boys for street children in Youhanabad, Lahore. The centre will play a vital role in our efforts to improve the lives of this city’s most disadvantaged inhabitants. By providing support, education and training to these children, it will further our mission to help people build better futures for themselves and their families.
There are approximately 15,000 children below the age of 16 who are street children in Youhanabad, although the great social stigma that surrounds the issue in Pakistan means that it is difficult to obtain exact numbers. Partly, for this reason, there is very little support for these children or assistance for their parents.
One World Welfare Organization plans to change all that by creating Youhanabad centre for street children.
Our centre will house educational facilities and provide specialized early intervention programmes for our children as well as advice for their parents. We aim to cater for 10 groups of 8 children at any one time, with groups arranged according to developmental needs rather than age. Each will have a designated teacher available at all times. Our doors will be open to families who can pay for our services, and – with the help of donations, volunteers and profits generated by our dance classes – those who cannot.
Of course, we realize that it is not only street children who sometimes need support. Many children in Youhanabad live in extreme poverty, and need help to get a fair chance in life. This is why our centre will also be a base from where our staff will go out into the poorest communities in the city and offer free healthcare, social care and nutrition advice to these children and their families.
At the heart of our centre’s staff will be fully-trained professionals with appropriate university qualifications, including a nutritionist, a hygiene and health specialist, a psychologist, a speech therapist and a physiotherapist. Continuing our track record of offering free, high quality training to local people, we will provide training in health and social care to additional employees. Our Youhanabad staff will be supported by international interns and volunteers, primarily students and graduates of relevant degree courses who will work with us to gain experience and in some cases course credit.
We are currently fundraising for the initial land purchase and construction costs of the centre and the opening date for the centre will depend on the outcome of this. However, we plan to raise the required funds by 2018.We will then need an estimated three months to secure a location and purchase the land, one year for construction, and a further year for training, staffing and organizing the running of the centre. On this timetable we will be able to offer services for the children from early 2018.
We need approximately US $200,000 to get our day care centre up and running. This includes US $80,000 to buy the necessary land, and $120,000 for construction, furnishing and decoration, based on an architect’s estimate. We are actively pursuing funding from individual donors, philanthropists, foundations and businesses.
As One World Welfare Organization operating costs are covered by income from its school and existing donations from our supporter group, 100 per cent of any new donation will directly towards the day care centre project. In addition to financial support, One World Welfare Organization is also interested in offers of logistical support or donations in kind, particularly of time or expertise from companies in the construction industry.

Arts Projects


Music – One World Welfare Organization puts significant emphasis on the Arts. The Arts are accepted as the best way to express, enhance, and present yourself. OWWO is working on a Dance and Music Project in Youhanabad for adults and children.
As Music is a soul of the body, the music room is one of the children´s favorite spaces, and one of the strongest English language reinforcements for our bilingual young students. With a great variety of instruments placed on shelves within their reach, the preschoolers express themselves spontaneously, while also receiving directed music and listening activities.
Every weekend students are given two hours music class in which they learn to play guitar, key-board and other instruments by professional instructors. Some students are interested in singing so they are given singing classes by professional trainer. Here we have the opportunity to develop the concepts of loud, soft, fast, slow, high and low, reinforcing auditory memory with the introduction of rhythm and melody as well as developing an appreciation for different genres of music from around the world.


Dance is a supremely enjoyable way to express yourself through actions rather than words. One World Welfare Organization has opened evening and morning dance classes for 4-15 years children in Youhanabad, Lahore. Here, the students learn Jazz, Ballroom, Modern Dance, Hip –Hop, Line Dance and Contemporary. The tuition is given by international instructor and choreographer Olay Well (from the Philippines). He has been working with us since last year.
At the end of the year, One World Welfare Organization, organized a Dance and Music gig in which all the students participated and showed their talents and skills to a public audience.

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