Present Projects

School for Orphans and Street

One World Welfare Organization has small High School (OWHS) opened by One World Welfare Organization in Jia Bagha village. OWHS is based in a small building.
Primary school education is compulsory in Pakistan. OWHS is leading the way in the method of learning through syllabus books and co-curriculum activities such as play which practices teaching children how to read and write through educational games making learning fun – the way it should be. Children are given more attention and care during study. Environment is so friendly between teachers and students.They share their problems regarding their education and other aspects of life. Teachers are always ready to provide them guidance in every walk of life. Volunteers act as teaching assistants, joining in with the day’s activities, incorporating English into every child’s day.
Evening classes for drop-out children are also available because every child has a fundamental right to education.

Health project

It is a world-wide accepted fact that good sanitation and a focus on personal health and hygiene significantly reduces the risk of disease, endemics and pandemics. One World Welfare Organization is tirelessly working on this aspect and conducts seminars and workshops in different villages and cities to promote this basic necessity.


One World Welfare Organization is also working on a project of a Women’s Training Center in Jia Bagha village. Here they learn beautician, sewing and tailoring in order to make themselves self-sufficient, which leads to an improvement of their self-esteem and family life. Also give them basic classes of English and mathematics which help them in future while doing there start-ups.
There are 25 women receiving professional tuition in this centre. The first group completed their training in May 2013. After completion of their training the women receive a Diploma which supremely enhances their ability to secure work
This Diploma Course lasts nine months. At the end of it each woman receives a sewing machine. This reduces any delay in improving their livelihood.

Make A Wish-Orphanage Home

As the CEO of One World Welfare Organization, I was immensely privileged to facilitate an orphanage in the city of Lahore, as recently as 2016. It provides a home for 45 children from pre-school to 14 years of age. It is our biggest single achievement to date, and, from a personal perspective – a dream come true. It, of course, requires constant funding.

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